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About Us


LCS Group was established on April 13, 1976, by its founder, Mr. Lew Chor Sin (late), and it has been 46 years since.  The current leadership of LCS Group is the combination of the second and the third generation. Our company's main businesses include concrete, asphalt, gravel, sand, sand bricks, precast concrete products, housing development and transportation, etc.  LCS Group's humble beginning with its first quarry in Lanchang, Pahang. We have then  expanded our business  operations to Kuantan, Pekan, Maran, Temerloh, Bera, Jerantut, Bentong, Raub and Gua Musang. We will continue to produce high-quality products and provide high-quality services. 

Corporate Vision


Committed to becoming a world-class company of excellence within the scope of services

 Corporate Mission

  •  Provide quality services and products to our customers

  •  Improve facilities in all aspects of ESG

  •  Train employees to become elites in their field

  •  We maintain the company's core values: integrity, openness, innovation, passion

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