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The Company


LCS Asfalt Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 26th. April 2000. Its principal activity is manufacturing and selling quality-assured asphalts. The supplies cover the market of the district of Temerloh, Bera, Bentong, Maran, Raub and Jerantut and most of JKR projects.


LCS Asfalt are leading exponents in asphalt development and offer a wide range of proprietary materials providing enhance performance, improved environmental credentials and aesthetic alternatives.


LCS Asfalt are able to produce a range of asphalts which are durable , offer high-ride quality, create less road noise, have good skid resistance and offer reduced spray in the wet.


Plant Management & Personnel

Plant management and personnel are committed to the production of a consistently high-quality premix. Understanding company policies and commitment to quality is essential.


Our Asfalt

Asphalt is primarily used in road construction which consists of aggregate, bitumen and fines. With our new technologies and civil engineering standards, our equipments in hand is able to do asphalt mixture preparation, final testing of strength and flow, and bitumen testing for the successful completion of projects.


Asfalt Applications

i.    Building & Housing

ii.   Federal Road & Highway

iii.  Leisure Facilities

iv.  Parking

v.   Heritage Sites

vi.  Recreational Uses


Premix Plant

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